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Orleans Centre for Marriage and Family

Transforming Relationships; Healing Marriages

It would be nice if human life was free from aches and pains, but the reality is quite different. One time or another many of us do find ourselves in situations and relationships where we feel unloved, confused, and lost.

In times like these, we need help: the help of someone who can hear what we cannot utter, feel our pain, sense our confusion, understand our fears, and lead us from the night of our anguish to the light of a new day of healing, freedom and good feeling.

To meet such a need, Orleans Centre for Marriage and Family was founded in 1986. Since then over five thousand people have benefited from our services. They have found hope in despair, clarity in confusion, comfort in sorrow and healing of emotional wounds. They have gained insights, acquired knowledge, and learned new skills to empower themselves, communicate and connect more effectively with their loved ones. They live happier lives and enjoy richer relationships.

You too can have a transformed, happy, rewarding life and relationship. Even if your partner is reluctant to seek help, we can be of great help to you.  Please contact us. You will be glad that you did! 

We care.                                                               

Raymond Proulx, Ph. D.
Registered Clinical Psychologist

Samuel Raj, Ph.D.

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

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We maintain high professional standards and we guarantee strictest confidentiality.