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Since 1987, the founder of the Orleans Centre for Marriage and Family, Dr. Samuel Raj, has written more than a hundred articles covering a wide range of topics related to relationships, marriage and family. This series is titled Table Talk and Pillow Talk

You are invited to read the sample articles presented below. A collection of these articles has been published under the title Table Talk and Pillow Talk: A Guide to a Happier and Richer Life and Relationship. More information about this book can be found here.

Want to be h​​appy in your marriage?
​- Happiness in Marriage 101

​Want to know why your marriage is not working for you?
- Living with a Not-So-Nurturing Partner - Part I: Insights into Underlying Dynamics
- Living with a Not-So-Nurturing Partner – Part II: Some Practical Tips

Thinking of leaving your present mate?
- When You Think it is High Time to Move On – Part I
- When You Think it is High Time to Move On – Part II

Want to know what brought you both together?
- The Deeper Dynamics of “Falling in Love”

Is there any hope of a new life after an affair?
- Is There Life after an Affair?

Want to help a loved one going through marital problem?
- Effective Care for Those Who are Going Through Marital Crisis

Want to choose the right person for yourself?
- Some Thoughts on Mate Selection

Want to be happy?
- On Being Happy

Want to forgive?
- Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve: Forgiving

What is love?
- Liking Versus Loving